Electric Motor Specialists

December 4 , 2017

Screen Repair

Final test run after repairs were completed on this fine screen from a sewer treatment plant. 

Check back regularly to see what we're up to. We want to showcase our work to let you know you can trust our services and see what it's like behind the scenes. Motor repair is a true craft and we take pride in what we do!

October 27 , 2017

238Hp Fairbanks-Morris Lift Pump

Following Hurricane Harvey, many of our customers were in need of repairs, including this 4,000 pound dry well lift pump. Work included reconditioning the windings, installation of new bearings, mechanical seals, o-rings, terminal board, and power cables. 

March 28 , 2018

Core Loss Tester

With the use of our core loss tester, we can ensure the proper function and reliability of your stator or rotor (up to 1,250Hp). Testing for open rotor bars is essential to long term motor operations. 

December 15 , 2017

Out for Delivery - 300Hp US well motor, WPII enclosure

Can't come by our shop to pick up your motor, pump, or other equipment once it's ready? Not a problem. We can arrange for delivery either with our flatbed truck or with a licensed and insured third party delivery or freight service.